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Tamara Ciullo

Product Marketing Manager

As Product Marketing Manager, Tamara focuses on the area of Accelerating Revenue, specifically increasing merchants’ share of wallet and increasing customer loyalty. Tamara studied in Germany achieving a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Hohenheim in the field of Economics Arriving in England in 2017 for an internship with Rolls Royce Power Systems, Tamara moved on to hold multiple roles at location intelligence specialist HERE Technology and joined GoCardless in 2022.


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A new era for payer experience
A new era for payer experience

Payments are mission-critical. And so is your payer experience.

3 min read
Report: Demystifying Payer Experience
Report: Demystifying Payer Experience

Discover payer preferences and the drivers behind them, how your current checkout maybe impacting your conversion, and the key areas your competitors are investing in.