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What is touch free payment?

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In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many customers are still hesitant to share touchpoints. Touch free payment processing solves the problem, blending hygiene with convenience. A touch free payment allows your business to take payments remotely, useful for all types of transactions both in-store and out. Here’s a closer look at your options when it comes to taking contactless payments.

Types of touch free payments

There are many ways to accept touch free payments, and most businesses will opt for a combination of methods like the following.

1. Contactless card payments

For an in-store touch free shopping experience, contactless card payments are now standard. You’ll need a virtual terminal or POS card reader set up to process this type of transaction. These are designed to handle anyNFC payments as well as mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Google Pay. The customer simply taps their card or smartphone to the reader for authorisation.

2. Digital invoicing

While invoices are standard for B2B transactions, they’re also useful for everyday consumer purchases. Use automatic invoicing software to generate an invoice at the point of sale, including a clickable link taking customers to a payment page. This lets you accept payments via mobile app, online, or through emailed invoices.

3. Recurring payment plans

Another way to accept touch free payments is through storing payment details on file and taking recurring payments. These are ideal for subscription services, big deliveries, and instalments on credit.

4. In-app payments

Whether you create your own app or accept payments directly via banking apps and smart wallets, this is a great contactless payment method. Give your existing app an upgrade with a selection of digital payment methods for customers to choose from.

5. Click and collect

Most established retailers now offer click and collect services. This allows consumers to pay for their purchases online or in-app, swinging by the retail space to pick up their goods without the risk of in-store contact.

Should you accept touch free payments?

Australian consumers gravitate to touch free payments like those mentioned above. According to research compiled by Contevo, over half of Australians plan to use less cash with 21% reporting contactless card payments to be their preferred method. In fact, 60% of Visa and MasterCard debit card transactions are already touch-free. This trend is mirrored in other countries like Canada, where touch free payments have grown by 41% since the pandemic.

If your business doesn’t accept touch free payments, you could find yourself left behind. Whether shopping online or in person, consumers are showing a clear preference for new technology and faster payment methods. They want to click, tap, or swipe their smartphone without waiting around for paper receipts and change.

Touch free payment processing challenges

As with any aspect of payment processing, figuring out to accept touch free payments comes with its own unique challenges. The first is figuring out how to successfully integrate touch free technology with a smooth customer experience. It’s worth reaching out to your existing customers for feedback about their payment preferences. When you add touch free methods to your app, website, and shop, be sure to test them extensively as part of the rollout.

A secondary challenge is selecting the best payment provider. You’ll want a processor capable of providing a smooth, frictionless payment experience at low cost.

GoCardless enables a selection of touch free payments for businesses. Our recurring payments use a direct debit network, allowing businesses to pull payment directly from customer bank accounts without in-person authorisation. We’re also working on a PayTo solution, coming soon in Australia to enable instant, completely contactless payments on demand.

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