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Benefits of Window Cleaning Company Software

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Last editedNov 20213 min read

You’ve registered your window cleaning business, obtained an ABN, and purchased all necessary equipment. Now it’s time to get to work – but don’t forget to put an accounting system in place. Financial paperwork may not be something you look forward to, but the best cleaning business accounting software makes it a bit easier. Here are a few reasons to use cleaning company software, as well as some top picks to help you get started.

Why do you need small business accounting software?

Whether you’re working solo or managing a large team of cleaners, there are advantages to using accounting software. Even working alone, you’ll need to track your payments and draw up a profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and income statement. Software keeps all your incoming and outgoing cash flows in a central location, making it far easier to create these important financial statements and keep above board with ATO regulations.

Small business accounting software also makes it easier to get paid. The best software will help you create estimates, issue invoices, and calculate taxes.

Features to look for in cleaning company software

One thing to keep in mind is that not all cleaning business accounting software is created equal. The best software will have the following capabilities.

  • Work scheduling – Cleaning businesses need an efficient system for keeping track of their jobs on the go.

  • Administrative features – The cleaning software should help you with all the everyday admin that you need to keep your business running, from expense tracking to insurance.

  • User friendliness – Make sure that the system is easily accessible on multiple devices, with a streamlined, simple interface that’s easy for beginners to use.

  • Online security – Your client data must be protected if stored in the system, as well as your own sensitive business financial details.

The best cleaning business accounting software

In addition to tracking expenses and generating financial reports, the best cleaning business accounting software helps you keep track of your client lists and scheduling. Here are a few of our top choices when it comes to cleaning company software.


ASC Software is an Australia-based company founded in 2009. Its Ascora product is ideal for window cleaning businesses, with a low monthly subscription rate and live online training to help you get started. This field service management software can handle multiple aspects of your window cleaning business:

  • Contact database

  • Contract management

  • Billing, invoicing, and payment collection

  • Mobile access

  • Quotes and estimates

  • Scheduling and service history tracking

  • Work order and dispatch management

With its comprehensive features, this cleaning company software keeps you on track.

CBS Cleaning Business Software

Another Australia-based company, CBS stands for Cleaning Business Software. Like Ascora, it’s specifically designed to tackle the needs of window cleaners head-on. You can pick and choose from several modules to integrate into the central platform. Examples include:

  • Client management

  • Cleaner management

  • GPS tracking for cleaners in the field

  • Mobile auditing

  • QR code logins

You’ll be able to manage all these different modules from a central, user-friendly dashboard.

Intuit Field Service Management

Part of the QuickBooks Enterprise package, Intuit’s Field Service Management software connects a central office with its service technicians in the field. It helps you with tasks including:

  • Scheduling cleaning jobs

  • Managing work orders

  • Tracking cleaner productivity

The QuickBooks Enterprise component of the software handles your accounting issues and financial reports. These are easy to sync with the field-generated data from the Field Service Management component. There’s also an inventory management feature which helps you keep tabs on when you’re starting to run low on cleaning supplies.


While some of the names on this list are specifically designed for cleaning businesses, you could also opt for small business accounting software like Xero. This online, cloud-based bookkeeping platform comes fully loaded with all the features that any small business needs to succeed:

  • Invoicing

  • Inventory management

  • Syncing with bank accounts

  • Payroll features

  • Financial reporting

It’s also compatible with numerous third-party apps for custom capabilities, along with free online support day or night.

If you’re ready to help your business grow, make sure you have the proper accounting support in place. The best software will make short work of scheduling, invoicing, and tax compliance all from a central dashboard – so you can focus on growing your client base instead.

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