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Break the cycle of failed payments

Half of all businesses see more than 7% of payments fail*, leading to bad debt, higher churn and loss of revenue.

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Break the cycle with GoCardless, and collect over 97% of payments at the first attempt. Speak to us today to see how your business compares to all-important payment benchmarks.

Get the framework for optimising your recurring payments

Discover the 8 key dimensions needed to maximise your return from your payment strategy. From the customer acquisition funnel to payment operations, learn how all 8 dimensions combine into one framework for payment-led growth and efficiency.

Plus, get important payment benchmarks, so you can see how your business compares to the competition. All in under 10 minutes.

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The impact of failed payments

  • More bad debt

    On average, B2C businesses see 16-20% their failed payments turn into bad debt, while B2B businesses see 11%-15% turn into bad debt.

  • Increased churn

    2 out of 3 businesses see their failed payments turn into churn more than 10% of the time, and churn also leads to higher chargeback rates.

  • $2million+ uncollected revenue

    Enterprise businesses stand to lose over $2million in uncollected revenue** every year due to payment failures.

Thought leadership paper: Rethink your payment strategy to save your customers and bottom line.

GoCardless commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study of 700 payment decision-makers in organisations with recurring revenue models.

Forrester learned that recurring B2B payments are pushing firms to modernize their payment technology and update their payment operations. 

View the full report to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing global enterprise businesses, and what they’re doing to rise to these challenges.

Read the full report

Improve your payment success with GoCardless

The average GoCardless payment failure rate at the first attempt is just 2.5%. Optimise your payments even further, using Success+ to retry those that do fail.

  • Pull-based payment collection

    GoCardless is built on bank debit, a pull-based, bank-to-bank payment method that allows businesses to pull payments directly from their customers’ bank accounts.

  • Lower churn rates

    30% of your churn is involuntary, stemming from failed payments. Maximise payment success with GoCardless and retain loyal customers for longer.

  • Intelligent payment recovery

    Sit back and let Success+ retry payments on the optimal day to collect from each customer. Recover up to 76% of any payments that do fail with Success+.

Benchmark your recurring payment strategy

Have a 15-minute health check with one of our payment experts, and see how your business compares to key payment metrics.

Trusted by over 55,000 global businesses

GoCardless is used by over 55,000 businesses around the world, including global enterprises like DocuSign, The Guardian, 8x8, Box and Bridgestone. GoCardless processes $15bn+ annually, and has been funded by prestigious investors including Google Ventures and Salesforce Ventures.

“We typically see 100 payment failures a month from credit cards; with bank debit we only see one or two.”

Patrick Hughes, Former Assistant Corporate Controller, Autotask

Take a payments health check

Have a 15-minute chat with one of our team to benchmark your payment operations, and understand how GoCardless can help improve your key payment metrics.


*Forrester Consulting: Rethink Your Payment Strategy To Save Your Customers And Bottom Line

**GoCardless payment success index 2020

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