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Our commitment

We want you to be confident that your issue is taken seriously and handled with the care and attention it deserves.

Our commitment
Our commitment
We'll work with you to reach a resolution
We'll work with you to reach a resolution

We'll work with you to reach a resolution

We're committed to ensuring our customers receive the best possible experience throughout their GoCardless journey. If we fall short of expectations, we want to hear about it and have the opportunity to address it.

When you raise a dispute we'll work with you, side by side, to understand the issue you're facing and work towards a suitable resolution. Our Dispute Resolution team works independently from all other teams across GoCardless so they can remain impartial and review each issue objectively.

We can't promise that you'll receive the outcome you want, but we can guarantee that we'll give your issue the full care and attention it deserves, and aim to deliver the best outcome available in your particular circumstances.

Thorough investigation

Our commitment is underpinned by four promises

Ready to raise a dispute?

Raise a dispute

If you have an issue with the service you've received, please raise a dispute and our team will work with you to find a resolution.