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Why switch your customers to Direct Debit?

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Last editedOct 20231 min read

Direct Debit is one of the most popular payment methods in Australia and New Zealand, making it easier and faster to collect payments while saving you admin time. 

Growing the number of customers that pay Direct Debits will have a positive impact on your business:

  • Get paid up to 47% faster 

  • Spend less time chasing payments

  • Spend 59% less time managing payments

  • Reduce costs of taking payments by up to 56%

  • Reduce the stress of getting paid 

Businesses that made the switch to Direct Debit

Energy efficient cashflow for Simply Energy

“Direct bank payments is a low-cost solution, and it provides predictable revenue. From a customer perspective, we can bill the customer on the date they're expecting to be billed so it’s easier for them to ensure they have the money in their account.” Penny Maher, General Manager Marketing and Digital Experience, Simply Energy.

75% of Sustainable Salons members pay with GoCardless

“We want our members not to have to think about their payment and whether their money was collected correctly. We want them to have a seamless journey and GoCardless provides that, enabling them to get on with the business of doing hair and making their clients look good.” Paul Frasca, Co-founder, Sustainable Salons.

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