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How to get customers set up with Direct Debit

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Last editedNov 20231 min read

Unsure how to set up customers?

Check out our useful guide to adding and inviting new customers.

Start by opening your GoCardless dashboard. Click Customers, then Add customers. Or now you can click on Create payment from the side navigation and choose Open mandate.

Four ways you can add customers:

  • Share a link: You can invite your customers by sharing an invite link on WhatsApp, SMS, email or on your website.

  • Invite via email: We can send your customers an email invite to enter their details and set up their payments on your behalf.

  • Set up customers in bulk: You can add customers in bulk simply by importing a CSV, to save you time.

  • Add your customers manually: You can manually enter your customers' details if you need to.

PreviousWhy switch your customers to Direct Debit?

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