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[Webinar] Managing cash flow in a crisis

In this webinar we'll offer expert advice on how to manage your cash flow in times of crisis.

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  • Catherine Birkett CFO, GoCardless

  • Sarah Lawrance MD & Founder, Hot Toast

  • Joseph Robins Payment Specialist, GoCardless

Steering your business through tough times

Covid-19 has sent Australian businesses of all sizes into survival mode. If cash flow wasn't the priority before, it is now. In this webinar, we’ll share advice that businesses can action straight away to get a grip on their cash flow; and what you can do longer term to weather the next storm. Topics include:

  • Calculating your current cash flow position and projections

  • Reviewing capital expenditures

  • Accessing immediate financing options

  • Actioning new debtor and creditor management strategies

  • Visibility of payments progress