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Most Popular Online Payment Solutions 2022

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Last editedDec 20212 min read

Whether you’re launching a new venture or looking for ways to make your current business more efficient, try streamlining your payments process. From automating invoices to processing card payments, the best online payment solutions speed up customer checkout. So, what are the most popular online payment solutions for Australian businesses? Here’s a look at the top contenders in 2022.

Commonwealth Bank

Australia’s CommBank offers its business customers a selection of popular payment options, starting with EFTPOS machines that integrate into your POS system. It also offers online payment solutions including its own payment gateway, CommWeb. Whether or not you currently have a CommBank merchant account, it’s easy to integrate CommWeb with your online store. It enables recurring payments, BPAY, card payments, and digital wallet payments like Apple Pay and Google Pay. There’s a central merchant portal as well to keep all of your customer transactions in a secure online space.


It’s well established in comparison to some of 2022’s newer payment solutions, but PayPal continues to be a popular option for businesses at home and abroad. If you process a high percentage of international transactions, PayPal might be a good option. It’s available in over 200 countries and counting, with dozens of currencies supported. It can also process multiple payment types, including international debit and credit card payments. However, fees can be high for merchants with lower sales volumes.


With no monthly fees and a secure online shopping experience, Stripe is a platform gaining in popularity. Its online tools include Stripe Checkout and Elements, the latter of which allows businesses to design their own custom payments form. With built-in fraud protection, it keeps your business protected from suspicious activity. It’s also easy to integrate with numerous ecommerce systems – although for the most advanced personalisation options, it helps to have some level of technical know-how.

Amazon Pay

Amazon has a far reach in Australia. If your customers are Amazon users, you might want to integrate Amazon Pay into your website. It’s easy to integrate, with mobile and voice search integration. Once up and running, customers can pay for your products via their own Amazon accounts. It also facilitates both one-off and recurring payments. However, like PayPal the fees for low volumes of transactions are quite high, which is something to consider.


Like Commonwealth Bank, the Australia and New Zealand Banking Group offers its own range of online credit card payment solutions. In addition to integration with in-person EFTPOS machines, ANZ services include the ANZ Secure Gateway and eGate tools for ecommerce businesses. If you’re already an ANZ customer, it’s easy to set up new merchant processing services including direct debit and BPAY payments.


If you’re looking for online invoice payment solutions, GoCardless is a great option. It enables easy, automatic invoicing and integrates with software like Xero for an all-in-one accounting and payments solution. There’s only a one-time customer setup. Once customers provide payment details through the secure online form, your business is authorised to automatically collect payments when due. This improves cash flow and makes payments more convenient for customers at the same time.


A final option on our roundup of popular online credit card payment solutions is SecurePay. This online payment gateway provider is supported by all major Australian banks, featuring detailed reporting capabilities and easy integration with major shopping carts. You can access local technical support to help you get started. SecurePay also integrates with Apple Pay for seamless digital payments and is compliant with all PCI regulations for security. 

How to choose the best online payment solution

The best online payment solution will depend on the size and location of your business, your customer demographics, and other factors. When comparing online business payment solutions, you should ask the following questions:

  • How fast are the transaction processing times?

  • What types of payments are supported?

  • Is there good customer service and user reviews?

  • Is the system optimised for mobile payments?

  • Are there online reporting tools?

  • How well does the tool integrate with other systems?

  • What are the fees and surcharges?

By narrowing down these various factors, you’ll find the fit that not only meets your online payment needs, but also your budget.

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