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10 Powerful Xero Add-Ons

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Last editedMay 20223 min read

Founded in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2006, Xero has grown to be one of the best cloud-based accounting software companies for small to medium-sized businesses, with over 2 million subscribers.

Used in over 180 countries, including Australia, Xero has a powerful SaaS, with over 700 available add-ons, including a partnership with GoCardless. You could choose anything from an add-on that’ll manage all of your invoicing through Amazon and Shopify or one that will help manage all your business needs so you can work smarter, not harder. Check out our list showcasing 10 of the most valuable Xero add-ons available in Australia.

Xero add-ons: job management

While there are many job management add-ons for Xero, here is a list of some of the more popular ones:

Service M8

  • Offering the latest in mobile and cloud technology, ServiceM8 is a cloud-based job management software for contractors, trades, and home service businesses. The app empowers traders and service business owners to streamline the front-end job of management and integrates seamlessly with Xero.

  • Pricing: unlimited users for one monthly price. $6.30 for 15 new jobs/month; $20.20 for 50 new jobs/month; $55.30 for 150 new jobs/month


  • One of the top-rated Xero add-ons, Tradify is a complete job management solution for tradies and contractors. Tradify can handle quotes, invoicing, scheduling and tracking, timesheets, and more. While providing a comprehensive overview available to your whole team, Tradify is easy to use and allows businesses to stay on top of their game.

  • Pricing: $39 AUD per user, per month. With ten or more users, enquire with Tradify


  • An all-in-one Xero workflow offer, WorkflowMax is a comprehensive cloud-based project management solution to help with all needs of managing a business. Some of the main features include project tracking, timesheets, reporting, invoicing, job monitoring, and other project management aspects. WorkflowMax is Xero-owned and integrated and integrates with more than Xero so that you can combine it with our business software needs.

  • Pricing: Starting at three users for $45/month

Xero add-ons: reporting

Running reports is an important part of any business. These Xero add-ons for reporting can help out:

Spotlight Reporting

  • A robust management reporting tool, Spotlight Reporting offers accountants and business owners the opportunity to create easy, great-looking performance reports, dashboards, forecasts and consolidations. Spotlight Reporting offers next-level reporting that brings your data to life and seamlessly integrates with Xero to unlock a variety of features like industry templates, action plans, and cash flow forecasting.

  • Pricing: Starting at $25/month for one organisation


  • An award-winning intuitive solution, Float is cash flow forecasting software that gives a real-time view of your cash flow you can trust. Float intuitively gives you the answers you will need now (and forecast for the future), so you can make more informed decisions and act accordingly. Integrating seamlessly with Xero, Float builds a visual, easy-to-understand picture of your current and future cash.

  • Pricing: starting at $99/month ($79/year) for three users

Xero add-ons: CRM

It can seem like there are so many CRM options, but a powerful Xero CRM add-on in Australia is Breadwinner for Salesforce.

Breadwinner for Salesforce

  • Breadwinner, a Salesforce add-on connects your CRM with Xero, allowing you to access your company’s receivables reporting. This Xero CRM add-on brings your sales and finances together, working to align your systems and transform your data into opportunities for business growth. Together everyone works more efficiently, invoices are sent with a higher rate of accuracy, and your cash flow is accelerated by minimising delays.

  • Pricing: Free account available to match Xero customers to Salesforce accounts; additional benefits available by contacting the Sales Department

Free Xero add-ons

While there are many Xero add-on options available, here are a few free Xero add-ons available in Australia.

Xero Practice Manager

  • A comprehensive time tracking tool, manage your jobs from start to finish in one system. Some of the streamlined processes available include assigning work to staff from easy-to-use templates, tracking and invoice time spent on jobs, seamlessly integrating with Xero, creating and running standard and customised reports, and working remotely with the mobile app.

Xero Expenses

  • Reduce the time spent on tracking and managing employees’ expenses with Xero Expenses, a multi-winning awards claim management tool. You can capture costs by taking photos of receipts, submit, approve and promptly reimburse claims, and access analytics to view spending habits. Other features include submitting mileage claims, setting user permissions, recovering expenses from a customer, and keeping expenses organised.

Xero Projects

  • Xero Projects is an easy-to-use and mobile-friendly job tracking tool. It makes work easier and more efficient with features such as being able to estimate and give a quote while on a job, send customised invoices for online payments, view profit margins on a dashboard, and accurately track time while on the go with a timer and location-based tracking when mobile. Additional features include monitoring staff time, connecting projects with Trello, paying employees based on tracked time, and accurately tracking expenses while on the job.

Xero Workpapers

  • An online tool that makes the compliance process more efficient and effective, Xero Workpapers helps control your workflow and collaborate online. Some highlighted features include the ability to share and work anywhere from any device, store documents in a logical place for easy retrieval, provide personalised service by handling client queries in the cloud, and easily import data and trial balance information to populate workpapers.

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