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Online payment pages for BECS

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In order for customers to start making payments via BECS, they will need to complete a Direct Debit Request (DDR) and a service agreement. This authorises the merchant to collect future payments from this customer.

Through BECS, you may offer customers the option to complete the DDR online, on paper or over the phone. For online DDR setup you must ensure that the pages for submitting this information are compliant as per the scheme rules. We call these payment pages.

GoCardless offers fully compliant payment pages for customers should you wish to use our own. If you are looking for a seamless branding experience, GoCardless Pro enables you to build customisable payment pages and we’ll work with you each step of the way to ensure that all compliance requirements are met.

The following 4 steps will guide you to build perfect payment pages with GoCardless Pro:

  1. Host your payment pages with HTTPS

  2. Collect the customer’s details - information entry page including:

    • Name of the account holder

    • Email address

    • Account number

    • Bank State Branch (BSB) number

    • Multi-signatory checkbox

    • Make sure your customers are aware that payments are powered by GoCardless in the footer of the page.

  3. Make sure the details are correct - summary and confirmation page

  4. Confirm that the Direct Debit Request has been set up - setup success page

Each section is split into BECS required features and GoCardless recommended features for the best customer experience.

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STEP 1: Host your payment pages with HTTPS

Required feature

Configure your website to only accept secure (SSL - minimum of SHA-256 SSL support TLS.1 or TLS1.2) connections to ensure customer details are transmitted securely.

STEP 2: Collect the customer’s details - information entry page

This is the page where you can capture customer information in order to correctly setup the DDR.

Required features

  • Heading: Make the page identifiable to customers

    • ‘Direct Debit Request’

  • Customer’s details: Include entry points for the account holder’s name, email address, account number and BSB number.

    • Remember to explicitly ask for ‘Account name’ when you collect the account number and BSB number.

  • To comply with data protection law, you must let your customers know about third party data controllers that power your website. You can do this by displaying the text below in your page footer:

Payments by GoCardless. Read the GoCardless privacy notice.

Without that upfront notice, we could both be violating the law. (Read more here)

If that’s not technically possible, at a minimum you should include a reference to GoCardless in your website privacy notice. That text should be as follows:

We use GoCardless to process your Direct Debit payments. More information on how GoCardless processes your personal data and your data protection rights, including your right to object, is available at

If you are a GoCardless partner, you must include the ‘Payments by’ notice above on your payment pages, or, at a minimum, enable the merchant to provide a link to their privacy notice at the detail intake stage.

Recommended features

  • Multi-signatory checkbox: Add a checkbox to allow for multi-signatories if authorisation from more than one person is required*.

  • Creditor details: Show creditor contact details, such as address, email and phone number so your customers know exactly how they can get in touch.

STEP 3: Make sure the details are correct - summary and confirmation page

Allow your customers to view and verify the details that they have entered before submission.

Required features

  • Heading: Make the page identifiable to customers

    • ‘Direct Debit Request’

  • Date

  • Customer information: Customer’s account holder name and number, customer’s BSB number, customer’s bank name (retrieved by GoCardless’ bank details lookup endpoint)

  • DDR information: Date of the DDR set up, DDR authorisation consent and electronic signature wording**

  • PDF links: PDF versions of the DDR and the service agreement.

  • Creditor information: Direct Debit User ID number and the name that will appear on your customer’s bank statements.

    • Standard users will use the GoCardless User ID and see ‘GOCARDLESS’ on bank statements along with a payment reference.

    • Plus and Pro users should show their User ID and chosen name on bank statement.

STEP 4: Confirm that the Direct Debit Request has been set up - Setup success page

Recommended features

  • Bank statements: Advise your customers of what name they will see on their bank statement

    • Standard users will see ‘GOCARDLESS’.

    • Plus and Pro users should show their chosen name.

This table summarises the information that is either required or recommended to include in your payment pages as a GoCardless merchant or partner.

Information entry page Summary & confirmation page Setup success page DDR PDF Service agreement
Name of account holder Captured Displayed - Displayed -
Account number Captured Displayed - Displayed -
Email address Captured - - - -
BSB number Captured and verified Displayed - Displayed -
Bank name - Displayed - Displayed -
User ID number - Displayed - Displayed User name and address displayed
What will show on bank statement - - Displayed - -
Multi-signatory checkbox Captured (if ticked then wording* shown below) - - - -
Consent - Captured (wording shown below**) - - -
Link to Payment Services Agreement and DDR PDF - Displayed (‘View Direct Debit Request and Service Agreement') - - -
Date - Displayed - Displayed -
GoCardless as your payments provider Displayed - - - -

If more than one person is required to authorise Direct Debits Requests on this account you should obtain the authorisation of all required parties before completing this form. By clicking “Set up Direct Debit Request” you are confirming you have obtained this authorisation.

** By signing and/or providing us with a valid instruction in respect to your Direct Debit Request, you have understood and agreed to the terms and conditions governing the debit arrangements between you and Merchant Name as set out in this Request and in your Direct Debit Request Service Agreement. You agree to execute this document by electronic signature and you are aware that by electronically signing this document you are executing a legally binding document.

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