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Global customers give GoCardless high marks in fall 2020 G2 Grid Reports

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Leaders in G2 Grid Reports for Payment Processing, Subscription Revenue Management and Small Business Payment Processing categories

We are thrilled to announce that GoCardless has again received exemplary reviews by its global customers in the G2 Grid® reports. 

In the Fall 2020 G2 Grid® reports, we’ve been named a Leader in the Subscription Revenue Management and Payment Processing categories. 

For the Payment Processing category, GoCardless received the highest satisfaction score among other products listed in the category. 96% of GoCardless reviewers rated us 4 or 5 stars while 90% of reviewers believe GoCardless is headed in the right direction, and reviewers said they would be likely to recommend GoCardless at a rate of 95%.

Payment Processing Grid

In addition, we ranked as a High Performer in the Payment Gateways and Enterprise Payment Software categories.

Payment Gateway Grid

While our overall ranking in the grid reports are exciting, we are really pleased to see we received exceptional Relationship Index scores in the Payment Processing Relationship Index report. We have ranked #1 with an overall score of 9.25. The Relationship Index score is made up of customer reviews based on their input around ease of business, likely to recommend and quality of support. This ranking outperforms other payment providers such as Venmo for Business (8.81), Square Payments (8.69), Stripe Payments (8.62), Bluesnap (7.48) and Worldpay (5.71).

"The simplicity of the product is fantastic. It's not overly complicated, it does just what you need. The customer service is amazing and they always get back to you so fast." - Claire B. in her review of GoCardless on G2.

SB Payment Processing Relationship Index

Small businesses love us too                                

GoCardless ranked exceptionally well among small business customers. In the Small-Business Grid® Reports for Fall 2020, GoCardless is positioned as a Leader in the Payment Processing grid and a High Performer in the Payment Gateways grid.

SB Payment processing Grid

In addition, our small business customer reviews have helped us rank #1 out of 14 other companies in the Small Business Relationship Index for Payment Processing and #1 out of 10 companies in the Small Business Implementation Index for Payment Processing. As mentioned above, the Relationship Index score is made up of customer reviews based on their input around ease of business, likely to recommend and quality of support. While the Implementation Index score is made up of customer reviews based on ease of setup, implementation time and adoption.

“The best thing about the GoCardless platform is that all the hard work is done for you.All the links after setting up the payment plans are handled by them with the customer banks. [It] makes setting up Direct Debits so much easier. Plus the menu system is really easy to understand and it's really quick to set up monthly payment plans.” - Maurice B. in his review of GoCardless on G2.

These new reports add to the high marks that GoCardless received from customers in the Summer 2020 G2 Grid Reports when the GoCardless platform was positioned as a Leader for Payment Processing and Subscription Revenue Management software, as well as a High Performer in a third G2 Grid Report for Enterprise Payment software solutions.

G2 releases its highly respected Grid and Index Reports, which rank products based on reviews gathered from its community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. Products in the report are ranked by customer satisfaction (based on validated reviews on G2) and market presence (based on market share, company size, and social impact).

Read more about what real users have to say about GoCardless on G2’s review pages.

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