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Best Billing Software for Travel Agency

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Last editedMar 20222 min read

Your travel agency probably already uses an online reservations system to make bookings easier, but what about payments? With automated accounting and billing software for travel agencies, you can streamline many of your agency’s most time-consuming administrative tasks. This frees your business to focus on what it does best – providing a great travel experience for customers.

Why do you need billing software for a travel agency?

When you imagine the daily operations of a travel agency, you probably think more about monitoring flight and hotel deals or arranging tours. However, the invoicing and payments side of the equation is just as important. With the best billing and accounting software, you’ll be able to:

  • Automate the invoicing process

  • Create and store file histories for customers

  • Store electronic travel documents and invoices

  • Access real-time bank feeds and reconciliations

  • Generate financial reports including sales analyses for agent commissions

When you’re looking at billing software for a travel agency, consider all these tasks to find a comprehensive system that will work for you. Remember that travel agencies work with customers as well as hotels, tour operators, and travel partners to provide the best possible experience. You’ll need a system in place to manage the transactions between parties.

The best billing software for travel agencies

Now that we’ve covered the benefits and features of billing software for travel agencies, what are the major options on the market today? Here’s our pick of the best cloud-based software for travel agents.


Xero is an all-purpose accounting platform that keeps Australian businesses up to date with tax and reporting requirements. It caters to business owners in the hospitality and tourism industries, including travel agents. Xero integrates with third-party tourism apps to help with booking, and enables customised recurring invoices for those paying in instalments. The app is compatible with over 160 currencies, allowing you to automatically track gains and losses from accounts worldwide.


Do you need software to help you sell tours and activities? Rezdy is a cloud-based platform designed specifically for tour operators, who can sell packages online and manage bookings from an open platform. It integrates with WordPress and Drupal sites for customisation capabilities and an integrated customer checkout page. When the time comes to send an invoice and handle billing, it offers a single consolidated merchant account and payment gateway.


Another travel sales platform is TravelWorks, which includes an online booking engine allowing customers to search through flights and hotels to put together the perfect package deal. Apart from travel reservations, TravelWorks also handles back-office functions like billing and accounting. Accounting management features include payable accounts, accounts receivable, real-time financial reporting, and marketing campaigns.


GoCardless provides a user-friendly way for travel agencies to automate the billing process. Businesses can issue travel agency invoices automatically and schedule payment reminders to cut down on delays. You can also collect payments directly from a customer’s bank account, including recurring payments for those paying for a holiday with an instalment plan. GoCardless integrates seamlessly with accounting partners like Xero to track all payments and expenses from a central platform.

Choosing the best billing software for travel agency

One of the biggest challenges for any travel agency to contend with is managing the billing process. With the best subscription billing software for travel agents, you’ll automate and streamline this process. Reducing late payments helps you free your agency’s cash flow, making it easier to pay suppliers on time and partner with a variety of tour operators. The best software also helps you track your income and expenses, essential for tax reporting. Combine features and prices of each app carefully to find the best fit. With the right software, your agency will be more efficient when it comes to both back-office and client-facing tasks.

We can help

GoCardless helps you automate payment collection, cutting down on the amount of admin your team needs to deal with when chasing invoices. Find out how GoCardless can help you with ad hoc payments or recurring payments.

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