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Frequently asked questions

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Direct Debit

What kind of payments is it good for?

They are particularly good for:

  • Regular payments (e.g., subscriptions or regular donations)

  • Customers with an ongoing relationship (e.g., account customers)

  • Invoicing for services (e.g., accountancy, tax advice, etc.)

What kind of payments isn’t it good for?

  • Transactions which need an instant clearing (e.g., e-commerce)

  • High-value, one-off payments for liquid goods (e.g., gold bullion)

  • Transactions likely to experience chargebacks (e.g., gambling)

Can I collect one-off payments using Direct Debit?

Yes - although Direct Debit is most well-known for recurring payments, it can also be used to collect one-off payments.

Got a question? Raise a ticket with our Support team