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Frequently asked questions

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Developer API

What can I use the API for?

Our REST API allows developers to easily create powerful integrations with GoCardless. See our documentation to find out more.You can integrate as a Merchant to take payments via Direct Debit from your platform or CRM.

What programming languages can I use?

We have client libraries for RubyPHPJava,Python and .NET

Can I host the payment pages on my site?

Yes, but only with GoCardless Pro. With Pro, you’re able to design your own payment pages and you can host them directly on your website. There are certain rules you’ll need to comply with, but we’ll help you to implement them with our SEPA and Bacs implementation guides.

Do you offer iFrames?

No - we do not offer iFraming of our payment pages as we are not sufficiently comfortable with the reliability and security of iFrames.

Can payments be made directly via the API?

Only once authorisation (the Direct Debit mandate) is in place. Customers must be sent to secure payment pages to give initial authorisation of the Direct Debit.Once authorisation is in place, payment can be requested via the API.

What information do you make available via the API?

GoCardless provides webhooks to notify Merchants of any changes in the status of its resources. One extremely useful example is determining when a bill has been paid.You can find out more about available webhooks and how to use them in our webhook guide.

Where can I get technical support?

You can email us at Our developers are on hand 9am-6pm, Mon-Fri to help with your technical queries.

Got a question? Raise a ticket with our Support team