Report: Payment preferences for recurring purchases in 2019

We partnered with YouGov to ask 12,785 consumers across 10 different markets their payment preferences in 2019.

Payment preferences for recurring purchases: The consumer payer 2019

Are you aware of which payment methods your customers can access? What about those they prefer?

    Being able to answer these questions can help significantly improve conversion rates for your business; boosting revenue.

    We partnered with YouGov to survey consumers in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. We asked them what their payment preferences are in 2019, across four typical recurring purchase use cases: traditional subscriptions, online subscriptions, household bills, and instalments.

    The results might surprise you - from why you could be wasting time offering digital wallet payments in the UK but not France, through to which markets prefer credit cards and which don’t. Want to improve conversion rates in your business? Simply enter your details below and download your FREE copy of the report right now.

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