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[Report] The global payment timings index 2021

How quickly does your business get paid compared to the industry benchmark? We looked at over 40 million payments from 65,000 businesses to find out.

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Cash flow is crucial to every business.

Better cash flow means:

  • Lower credit risks

  • The freedom to invest in growth

  • A more predictable revenue stream

Forrester identified the average DSO for businesses is 20-30 days. We assessed over 40 million payments from 65,000 businesses to identify a benchmark for payment timings. 

Your business doesn’t need to wait 30 days to get paid. You could be paid in just 3.6 days.

Download your free copy of the report, and empower your business to collect payments quickly to improve your cash flow and promote growth.

Featuring commentary from GoCardless partners Xero and Salesforce.