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The Best 6 Team Management Tools

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Team management is one of the most important aspects of running a successful business. The ability to know exactly what each member of your team is doing at any time – which projects they are working on, the clients they are dealing with, the amount of time they are spending delivering specific results – will enable you to take an overview of how your business is functioning and where it could be more efficient. 

The same applies to those team members themselves; they will be far more productive if they can quickly and simply keep tabs of what other team members working on the same projects are doing, as well as being able to exchange data, work on plans, and discuss options. 

Team management software

Team management became both more important and more difficult during 2020, as the COVID-19 pandemic forced a wholesale switch from office-based to remote working. Although making long-term predictions is always risky, it seems fairly certain that, post pandemic, the switch to remote working will become entrenched to varying degrees across a wide range of sectors. With a distributed workforce in place, team management will become increasingly demanding, and managing remote teams scattered across a city, country, or even the world, will call for the use of team management software to help with everything from timekeeping to project management and virtual meetings. Here are six of the best team management tools currently available: 


ProofHub is project management software that enables all members of a team working on a project to liaise on tasks in real-time. As a manager, you can assign multiple tasks to multiple employees, set the date that each task is due to be completed and follow each task through multiple workflow stages. At all times you’ll be able to discuss progress with the team, share files, and make use of Kanban boards, which offer an easily interpreted visual representation of task progress. As another added bonus, particularly in an era of globalization, ProofHub has a multilingual interface.    


No matter how the world of work changes teams will still need to take part in meetings, and GoToMeeting is a web-conferencing solution that enables high-definition video conferencing and unlimited meetings. As well as an interface that makes starting a meeting quick and simple, GoToMeeting offers features such as a facility for other team members to view an application running on your device, and vice versa. It operates across all mobile devices and includes screen sharing, a drawing tool, and a recording function.   


Slack enables your teams to step away from ageing and cumbersome messaging formats such as email. This communication software tool enables you to set up channels organized by project and topic. Internal communication is a vital part of any business and within these channels team members can engage in group discussions or private chats, as well as directly share files such as PDFs, images, and videos using a simple drag and drop feature.    

Zoho Workplace

Zoho offers teams an integrated suite of apps that enable them to create and save work, and share directly from their own desktop or email in a way that combines the best of email communication and social media. The most useful aspect of Zoho Workplace is that it integrates seamlessly with other Zoho tools such as Finance and Recruit to pull virtually all aspects of team management together in one place.  


ProWorkFlow offers an overview of your workload on one simple dashboard, enabling you to schedule projects, assign team members, and manage staff. Files can be shared within the system and there is also a feature enabling you to manage invoices and quotes, and track the time spent on projects and the workload allocation across teams from a mobile device while on the move.  


Unlike some of the more comprehensive team management tools, Harvest is specialist software devoted to time management. With fewer features than more comprehensive tools, Harvest makes it easy to track the time spent on tasks from any device and create estimates and invoices on the basis of that time. In addition, Harvest can integrate with larger project management tools to add a comprehensive, but user-friendly time management aspect.  

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