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“Our customers can go from not having an account to billing customers in just a few minutes, and in just a couple of clicks – without any hassle or disruption to their payments.”

Brad Cumbers, Co-Founder and CEO, Martialytics


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Martialytics provides end-to-end management software for martial arts schools all over the world.

We spoke to Co-Founder, Brad Cumbers, to find out why he chose to partner with GoCardless and enable Martialytics’ business customers in Australia, New Zealand and the UK to collect their payments by Direct Debit.  

Customer focused

From the beginning, Co-Founder, Brad, and the team built Martialytics around their customers – listening to feedback and using it to inform new features and releases within the platform.

Before introducing Direct Debit, Martialytics users around the world could only collect payments from their customers by either credit or debit card.

Martialytics’ customers were asking about alternative payment methods, as the cost of processing card payments was expensive, particularly for smaller schools.

As more users signed up to Martialytics, Brad and the team started to look at Direct Debit providers. Brad, says:

“We looked at Direct Debit through other providers but most of them are only available in one country. We’re a small team with a global product, operating in 32 countries, so we wanted a provider we could use all across all markets.”

We’d been looking at GoCardless for a while and got involved as soon as it was available in Australia.

"We always recommend that Martialytics customers offer GoCardless and will be expanding our partnership with GoCardless as it becomes available across more markets, starting with Canada and then the US,” adds Brad.

Launching the integration

Martialytics has now built and launched a custom integration with GoCardless. The integration has been well received with 135 customers signing up to GoCardless since launching.

Most of our customers can easily get themselves set up without having to speak to us. For others, there’s a bit of an educational piece but when you explain GoCardless, they’re happy to switch,” says Brad.

The integration allows Martialytics users to manage their recurring payments through their existing dashboard.

Our customers can go from not having an account to billing their customers in just a few minutes, and in just a couple of clicks – without any hassle or disruption to their payments.

Helping customers grow

Paul Hacker, Chief Instructor at Karate Club, The Honbu, started using Martialytics when the business outgrew their initial, manual approach to admin. Paul explains:

"Before we started using Martialytics, we were doing everything ourselves. But as we grew, we needed an off-the-shelf system that we wouldn’t have to worry about updating. We discovered Martialytics about five years ago and found it to be one of the easiest software to use."

Paul had been considering Direct Debit for a long time but turned to cards after, like many small businesses, he found that it just wasn’t an option through the bank. Paul says:

“We had wanted to do Direct Debit for a really long time as cards tend to expire and get lost, but we were too small for the banks to take us on. But since moving to GoCardless earlier this year, out of 260 students, only one or two have chosen to pay by card – everyone else pays us by Direct Debit.”

The GoCardless for Martialytics integration also means that The Honbu can receive their payouts more quickly than they did with the previous payment provider:

“One of the key reasons for us moving to GoCardless is how fast the payments come through compared to our previous card provider. Before, it would take 5 working days for the money to hit our accounts whereas with GoCardless, the money leaves the account on a Monday and we get paid on a Wednesday – and the integration with Martialytics makes it all so easy to manage,” says Paul.