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Payments shouldn't cost the Earth

Credit cards are impacting the environment and your wallet. Join Patch and GoCardless for a discussion on how companies can make more sustainable choices when processing payments that also make financial sense.

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Does your business process credit card payments? 

Sure, they're convenient, but are you aware of the impact credit cards have on the environment and your bottomline?

Most plastic credit cards are made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), which is difficult to recycle. Considering a credit card typically expires after 3 or 4 years, millions of plastic ends up in our landfills and oceans each year. Pollution, microplastics and energy consumption related to cards all have a negative impact on our environment. 

Don’t let credit cards cost your business and the planet we live on. By making smarter choices you can save time, money, and be more sustainable.

In this 30 minute webinar Patch and GoCardless will discuss how credit card payments cost both the environment and your bottom line and offer tips on what you can do about it.

Watch the webinar to learn: 

  • The environmental cost of credit cards and why taking climate action is good for business and the Earth.

  • How credit cards harm our environment and the financial cost of credit cards to businesses.

  • Tips on how you can align your payments process to reduce your carbon footprint and save money.

Ben Knight, Head of Environmental Sustainability, GoCardless

Marissa Almeida, Product Marketing Lead, Patch

Mary Carter, Global Team Lead Manager, GoCardless