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Stop chasing payments

Don't waste time chasing payments. Control when you collect payments, reduce your DSO and boost payment success so you can invest in your business’s future.

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Want to understand how GoCardless can help you reduce payment failures and improve your cash flow.

Improve your cash flow by:

  • Reducing time to get paid

    Most businesses take over a month to receive payments and have a DSO of 20+ days.

  • Choosing the right payment method

    The global benchmark for recurring payment failure for GoCardless is 2.9%. Meanwhile, 7.9% of card payments and 6.7% of bank debits fail.

  • Reducing payment failures

    Enterprise businesses stand to lose almost $1.2 million every year in failed payments, without considering admin and recovery costs.

Failed payments can be damaging to your business

Especially if you don’t have an understanding of why your payments are failing.

As a potential limit to your business’s ability to succeed and grow, failed payments shouldn’t be accepted as an inevitability. 

What does the typical failure rate look like for businesses collecting recurring payments? And how does your business compare?

Read the findings

How GoCardless can help

  • Pull-based payment collection

    Take control of when you collect payments using our platform built on BECS Direct Debit. This payment method allows you to pull payments directly from customers’ bank accounts at the time an invoice is due.

  • Reduce churn

    30% of churn is involuntary, stemming from failed payments. Maximise your payment success with GoCardless and retain your loyal customers for longer.

  • Intelligent payment recovery

    With GoCardless, 97% of payments will be collected successfully at the first attempt. You can also recover over 75% of at-risk payments with our auto-retries. 

Re-Leased benefits from improved cash flow

Cloud-based property management software, Re-Leased, chose GoCardless as a reliable and cost-effective payments partner it can trust.

“This is huge for us. It limits our chasing and gives us much more control over our cash flow.” Sam Caulton, Finance Director, Re-Leased.

Read the Re-Leased story

Make cash flow no problem and get paid, fast.

Speak with a payments expert to learn how GoCardless can help you leave failed payments in the past.

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