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Report: Demystifying Payer Experience

Discover payer preferences and the drivers behind them, how your current checkout maybe impacting your conversion, and the key areas your competitors are investing in.

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How well do you know your payers?

The payment methods you offer at the checkout could be losing you new customers. In fact, 67% of consumers payers will stop an e-commerce purchase if their preferred payment method isn’t available. If you want your business to succeed and scale, then you need to make sure you’re aligned with what your potential customers actually want. 

Based on responses from over 8,500 payers worldwide, this report shares which payment methods are preferred for different use cases and the reasons why. By using the insights shared you can remove the guesswork, and start ensuring you’re offering an irresistible checkout experience.

What to expect from the report:

  • How to leverage the top-ranked payment methods by consumers and businesses

  • Key checkout considerations that can help you to win more customers

  • What drives payers to try new ways of paying

  • Where your peers and competitors are planning to invest over the next two years

  • Understand what’s influencing payment infrastructure investment

Read the full report to gain detailed insights of how your checkout compares to your peers, plus read expert recommendations and reflections on the surveys findings.