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TeamUp + GoCardless: Now available in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

Brad Ewin
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Last editedAug 20202 min. read

Fitness business owners and fitness fans alike have some news to get excited about - GoCardless partner TeamUp have expanded their offering of GoCardless to the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

What does this mean?

Fitness business owners in those countries can now use GoCardless to collect their members’ payments, and have it seamlessly integrate with their TeamUp account. They can wave goodbye to the hassle of keeping on top of members’ payments via spreadsheets and awkward conversations.

And the members don’t need to worry about making payments or being bothered for not paying them on time - instead, they can relax and let payments automatically be taken safely from their bank account.

Why use TeamUp + GoCardless?

TeamUp helps fitness businesses all around the world manage their bookings easier. They help owners grow their membership, reduce admin and management complexity, and automate repetitive tasks to save time.

At GoCardless, this resonates with us. Our product is made for recurring payments, so we’re all about helping businesses take payments hassle-free, cutting away unnecessary admin, giving them real insight into their payments, and letting them get on doing what they do best.

Together, we’re helping fitness businesses all over the world operate at their best, without needing to bear the administrative burden that can come along with that.

The incredible story of TeamUp’s journey

The story of the GoCardless and TeamUp partnership is nearly as long as the stories of GoCardless and TeamUp themselves. It began in 2012, with both companies relatively new to the market.

Having tried their own payment integration for their first cohort of customers, TeamUp quickly discovered the difficulties of going it alone. Their search for a payments partner was aided by the industry and market they operated in - attendees of fitness clubs and classes in the UK expect to pay via Direct Debit.

Couple that with these people often being underserved with clunky paper-based Direct Debit, TeamUp recognised the value of choosing a payments partner that provided electronic Direct Debit - GoCardless.

“Early on in our journey at TeamUp, we realised how crucial payment processing was to the customer experience. Before GoCardless we were only offering credit card payments, and we knew that this wasn’t ideal for the UK fitness market. The support from GoCardless in getting everything up and running quickly was excellent.” - Tim Green, TeamUp

The cultural fit between the two companies was clear, too. Both TeamUp and GoCardless strive to provide products which are simple to use, cutting away needless complexity so business owners can spend their time where they want to spend it, and focus on doing what they do best.

Over the following years, TeamUp saw incredible growth in the UK, prompting an expansion into Europe, aided by GoCardless’ support of the SEPA Direct Debit scheme. And with continued success they’ve seen since expanding into the European market - growing 100% year on year - further international expansion was inevitable.

Now, the GoCardless and TeamUp partnership continues in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, with TeamUp customers in those regions able to start collecting payments via the relevant local bank debit scheme - whether that’s ACH, PAD, BECS AU, or BECS NZ - today.

How to get started

TeamUp customer looking to use GoCardless? If you’re already a TeamUp customer, simply head to Settings > Payments in your TeamUp dashboard.

Fitness business owner looking to use TeamUp + GoCardless? Sign up to TeamUp's free trial and you can link and create your GoCardless account directly from your dashboard, as above. Plus, as a GoCardless customer you get an extended 60 day trial of TeamUp.

Do you want to partner with GoCardless?

GoCardless powers payments for 150+ partners. Become a GoCardless partner today, and give your customers the ability to collect bank debit payments from within your platform.

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