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Package upgrades

GoCardless offers four account packages: Standard, Plus, Pro and Custom. The Plus and Pro packages come with additional benefits and a fixed monthly fee which is paid on top of transaction fees. The Custom package includes all Pro features but on a volume-based pricing model. This page covers our most common package upgrade queries.

Package upgrades
Package upgrades

Our Plus package

Our Plus package enables you to have your business name on your customers' bank statements, and improved branding options.

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Our Pro package

Along with your name on customer bank statements, our Pro package enables you to use your own custom payment pages and notifications.

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Custom pricing

Our custom pricing tier provides all the benefits of Pro but with a volume-based pricing structure, subject to a commitment.

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Our most common package upgrade queries

Why did you upgrade my account? I never requested an account upgrade.

When you set up your account with GoCardless you would have been asked to select which package you would like, we would never automatically select a package for you. 

In some instances, you may not have met all the criteria for the Plus or Pro packages, at the time of initially opening the account, so there may have been a delay in this package being applied to your account. 

There are additional benefits to having the Plus or Pro packages, including the ability to have your own unique Service User Number (SUN) shown on your payers bank statements. However if you decide you would like to downgrade to a Standard account, please make this request via email to our Support Team at

Ready to raise a dispute?

Raise a dispute

If you have an issue with the service you've received, please raise a dispute and our team will work with you to find a resolution.