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Failed payments

Payments can fail for a number of reasons. When this happens, the failed payment is assigned a specific code by the customer's bank based on why the payment could not be processed successfully. This page covers our most common payment failure queries.

Failed payments
Failed payments

The flow of funds

Find out how funds flow as they are processed from your customers to you.

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Payment statuses

Learn more about what each payment status means as a payment is processed.

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Common reasons for failures

Find out more about the common reasons that payments fail.

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Our most common failed payment queries

A payment has failed. What should I do?

In some cases, even when everything has been set up correctly payments can fail. In almost all cases, GoCardless will receive a payment failure report from your payers' bank one working day after the charge date. Once all payments have been processed, the payment status will be updated to reflect that the payment has failed.

You will be able to view the reason for a payment failure in the status timeline of the payment within the GoCardless dashboard. (If you've built an integration with our API, you will instead receive a webhook with the details of the payment and reason for failure.)

The most common reasons for a payment failure are Insufficient funds, Instruction cancelled, No Instruction, and Account Closed.

You can find a full list of failure codes for each scheme here.

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