How ready for SCA are online businesses?

Research suggests that many businesses aren't ready for the upcoming SCA deadline.

How ready for SCA are online businesses?

In 2018, Mastercard surveyed over 300 online merchants and found that 86% of those were not yet SCA compliant, while 75% weren’t even aware of the upcoming legislation.

A May 2019 study by 451 Research found that only 15% of businesses feel ‘extremely prepared’. While many of those who admit to being unprepared are small businesses, the readiness problem is more widespread. According to the research, only 19% of businesses with more than 5000 employees feel extremely prepared, and only two in five businesses anticipate being SCA compliant prior to September 2019.

There is, at least, indications that online businesses are starting to take note - SCA was a major topic of conversation at fintech and payments events such as Merchant Risk Council London 2019 and Money 20/20.

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