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Automate your cash collection to reduce DSO and total costs

Wednesday, 14 July | 10am CEST

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Make the most of Salesforce with GoCardless:

IDC research reveals that a company's total cost of payments operations are equivalent to 3% of revenue - and what is revealing is that nearly 2/3rds of this cost is people related. The automated solution of GoCardless, directly integrated into your Quote to Cash process within Salesforce Revenue Cloud, is able to reduce this cost by 56% - improving your overall margins and reducing your DSO.

In this workshop, you will have an opportunity to see the combined solution in action, to ask questions to understand the value achievable, how it would work with your use case and see a live demo of how all payments data is fully reconciled within Salesforce in real time. 


  • Gert-Jan Hoefakker, Strategic Account Executive, Revenue Cloud, Salesforce

  • Maarten Hofland, Head of Sales, Benelux, GoCardless

  • Carlo Theiss, Salesforce Solutions Lead Architect, GoCardless

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