Accountants toolkit

From guides about Direct Debit to common questions and how to respond, this toolkit contains resources designed to help you advise your clients.

"Now, with GoCardless, our invoices are sent out and payments are automatically collected without the hassle of chasing clients for late payments."

Simon Kallu

Simon Kallu, Managing Partner, GrowFactor

FAQs from clients and how to respond

What is Direct Debit? How does it work?

Direct Debit is an automated, bank to bank, payment method that allows businesses to take payments directly from customers' bank accounts. It offers pull-based payments: Once a customer completes a Direct Debit request, the merchant can then initiate Direct Debit payments without any further action needed from the customer. For more information on Direct Debit, watch this short video.

If I switch to GoCardless, does that mean I have to stop offering other payment methods?

No. You can use GoCardless alongside other payment methods. In your accounting software, it's easy into integrate multiple payment methods, so you can optimise payments for different use cases. For example, you can set up all repeat customers on Direct Debit and use card payments for one-off payments.

What is GoCardless? How does is it work?

GoCardless is an online tool that makes it easy for customers to pay by Direct Debit. GoCardless processes over £8 Billion in transactions for over 40,000 businesses in the UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Does GoCardless have additional fees? For example, for failed payments?

With GoCardless you only pay for for successful transactions and never for set up, implementation, chargebacks or payment failures. You can find information on pricing here.

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