GoCardless API

Automate payment collection and reconciliation with our simple, RESTful API

Integrating with GoCardless is easy and secure

We maintain official libraries for RubyPHPJavamore

Automate your payments

Customers set up Direct Debit through our secure online payment pages.

Military grade security

RSA encryption and secure communication channels to keep your customers' data safe.

Simple to integrate

Add GoCardless to your site in minutes with our easy to use API libraries.

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How it works

Setup a new Direct DebitTake paymentCreate a subscription
# A pre-authorization for up to £100.00 every month

:max_amount => '100.00',
:name => 'Stock Photos',
:interval_unit => 'month',
:interval_length => 1
# A Direct Debit payment of £15.00

pre_auth GoCardless::PreAuthorization.find('0540QD22SKND')
:name => '150 credits',
:amount => '15.00',
:charge_customer_at => '2014-08-27'
# A subscription for £15.00 every month

:amount => '15.00',
:name => 'Premium Account',
:interval_unit => 'month',
:interval_length => 1

Simple hosted payment pages

GoCardless handles all the Direct Debit compliance requirements so you can get started instantly. Our secure, online payment pages are optimised based on experience with millions of customers.
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Payments in just two lines of code

Trigger one-off, variable or recurring payments in just a few lines of code. GoCardless will handle all the Direct Debit notification requirements for you.

Realtime reporting

View all your payments in our ready-made online dashboard, including export functionality. We'll also notify you programmatically whenever the status of a payment or mandate changes.
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