for Octobat

Charge at the right tax rate
and get paid on time with
GoCardless for Octobat


Sell at the right tax rate

Octobat accurately calculates VAT for each transaction and ensures your tax collection is correct.


Reduce customer churn

Increase lifetime value with significantly lower failure rates compared to credit card.


Automatic invoice delivery

Get PDF invoices that are compliant with local and international laws, including the 2015 Digital EU VAT rules.

"Integrating GoCardless into Octobat perfectly
automated our accounting and our billing
infrastructure, allowing our team to focus on growth.
Give it a try, it's a no brainer!"

Martin de la Taille

Co-Founder & CEO, Flatchr

The Guardian
Thomas Cook


Connect your GoCardless account

Get started in minutes by syncing your GoCardless payment activity automatically with Octobat. This screen will be available at the subscription step.


Activate your tax zones collection

Octobat accurately calculates VAT for each transaction and makes sure your tax collection is correct.


Start collecting payments

Get paid on time, every time with GoCardless. No more chasing late payments or bad debt.


Generate & deliver compliant invoices automatically

Each time you receive a payment or refund, Octobat will create and deliver all necessary legal documents such as invoices and credit notes to your customers.


Get your tax reports

There's no need to struggle any more with your VAT collection reports. Retrieve your VAT collection reports with one easy click in Octobat.

Connect today, take payments right away

Our Octobat integration is free - no set up costs, hidden charges or minimum contract.

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