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No setup costs. No hidden fees.



1% + $ 0.40

per transaction. $4 max

An additional fee of 0.3% applies to Bank Debit payments above $3,000.

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2% + $0.40

per transaction
  • Currency conversion included

  • The real exchange rate

Powered by
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No monthly fee

  • Pay per transaction only

  • Everything you need to collect ad-hoc and recurring payments in Canada and internationally

​VAT applies to transaction fees

Get started


+ $75 / month

  • Your name on customers' bank statements

  • Extra customisation options on your payment page

VAT applies to monthly fees and transaction fees


+ $350 / month

  • Fully integrated customer experience - develop your own payment pages

  • Invite customers to setup over the phone or in person

​VAT applies to monthly fees and transaction fees


Volume-based pricing

  • Access to all of the benefits from Pro

  • Customisable / country-specific rates

  • Priority support

  • Dedicated Solutions Engineer

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The real exchange rate
The real exchange rate

The real exchange rate

We want to be transparent and ensure that we convert your payments with the best exchange rate possible. This is why we’ve decided to power our currency conversion through Wise. 

The real exchange rate is considered to be the fairest rate, but unfortunately it's not the rate that banks and most money transfer providers pass on to you. By using the real exchange rate powered by Wise, GoCardless provides you with the best value you can get from your international payments.

This rate is surfaced when you create a payment, and helps you predict how much of the payments collected will arrive in your bank account after being converted into your own currency.

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Collect recurring and variable payments with Bank Debit

Collect one-off payments seamlessly with Instant Bank Pay

Collect payments from international customers

Optimise your payments with Success+

Getting Started

Use through a partner, custom integration or dashboard

Invite customers to setup online

Invite customers to setup over the phone or in person

Move existing customers to GoCardless

Customisations and Branding

Payment page with your logo

Add brand colours to GoCardless payment pages & emails

Custom Payment Pages

Custom Email Notifications

Name on customers' bank statements

Financial and data security

Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority

Payments protected under the Direct Debit Guarantee

ISO27001 certified for information security management

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer discounts for large transaction volumes?

Yes. GoCardless Pro fees are based on your volume of payments per month. To find out more, talk to our Sales team.

Can I show my company branding throughout the payment process without redirecting my customers off my website?

Yes. With GoCardless Pro you can build your own payment pages and customer email notifications. This means customers will stay within your website's payment journey without being redirected to GoCardless' hosted payment pages.

Can I change plans once I’ve signed up?

Yes. With GoCardless Pro you can build your own payment pages and customer email notifications. This means customers will stay within your website's payment journey without being redirected to GoCardless' hosted payment pages.

Can I move my existing customers to GoCardless?

Yes. There are a number of ways we can help with moving your customers to GoCardless, depending on your requirements. Get in touch to find out more.

Can I have my org name on customer bank statements if I'm using GoCardless Standard?

No, but you can move to our Plus or Pro plan to have that. With Plus and Pro, we will obtain a Scheme Identifier for your business, which guarantees your business name appearing on customers' bank statements when we collect payments on your behalf. This is only available for your domestic scheme, so your international customers will still see GoCardless on their statements.

What exchange rate does GoCardless use?

We use the ​real exchange rate powered by Wise​​​​. It is the fairest exchange rate possible, which is the same rate you will find on independent sources such as Google and XE. We don’t take commission on top of this rate, and this service is simply covered by our clear international transaction fee of 2% + 20p, taken in your customers’ currencies.

Do I need separate bank accounts to collect international payments?

No, you don’t need separate bank accounts for each currency. During our sign-up process, you will specify a single bank account as your home currency account, and all of your collected payments will be paid into that account after currency conversion. (Some restrictions apply).

My business is based in the Eurozone. Where can I find the pricing for Eurozone businesses?

If your business is based in the Eurozone, learn more about our pricing for France, Germany/Austria, Spain or other Eurozone countries.

What does high value transaction fees mean?

For domestic payments, we charge an additional 0.3% fee on the portion of the transaction that is above $1,000. This high value transaction fee does not apply if your domestic transaction value is below $1,000, nor does it apply to international payments.

Benötige ich für jede Währung, die ich einziehen möchte, ein separates Bankkonto?

Nein, Sie benötigen kein eigenes Bankkonto für jede einzelne Währung. Während des Anmeldevorgangs geben Sie ein einziges Bankkonto als Ihr Heimatwährungskonto an und all Ihre eingezogenen Zahlungen werden nach der Währungsumrechnung auf dieses Konto überwiesen. (Es gelten einige Einschränkungen.)

¿Puedo poner el nombre de mi empresa o negocio en los extractos bancarios del cliente si utilizo GoCardless Standard?

No, pero puedes pasar al plan Plus o Pro para hacerlo. Con Plus o Pro, obtendremos un identificador de esquema para tu negocio, lo que garantizará que el nombre de tu empresa figure en los extractos bancarios de tus clientes cuando cobremos los pagos en tu nombre. Esto solo está disponible para tu esquema nacional, de modo que tus clientes internacionales verán GoCardless en sus extractos.

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