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Our approach to testing

Paul Connor
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Last editedJan 20202 min read

To ensure that we keep building the best payment solution for you & your customers, GoCardless will be testing ways to improve areas of our product. Sometimes when we run a test a small number of your customers may see a slightly different experience.


Payer experience is an extremely important part of both our business & yours. We want to help more and more of your customers to pay you through GoCardless.

We’re continually researching and developing ways to make our product better for you, such as looking at how we make it easier for your customers to use our payment pages, so more of them end up paying you using GoCardless. Part of this research process involves testing with real customers to help us make informed decisions using data.

Our approach

When it comes to testing parts of GoCardless that your customers will interact with, we will always ensure our testing approach considers the following:

  • Prior research - Anything we test will always have made it through multiple rounds of design & research with positive results before it reaches you.

  • Sample size - We will always start with a small sample size and only increase it when we see a positive outcome.

  • Duration - Our tests will run for the shortest time possible. Each test is likely to run for just a few days.

In the majority of cases, the tests that we run will be very small changes that your customers are unlikely to notice, such as small design improvements. However, if we run tests that are more noticeable to your customers, we'll detail them here in the blog.

Secure mandates test

In May 2018, GoCardless will be testing a mechanism for securing Direct Debit mandates as they’re set-up.

During the test, a small % of your customers may see a different experience, which will ask them to authenticate their bank details.

Payer authentication is a very common practice, and is widely used in other institutions such as HMRC, VISA & Mastercard. By testing this approach, we believe we can introduce additional ways for you to improve the security of your service.

This test will run for approximately 3 days, after this time, future payers will continue to see our usual payment pages.

How it affects you

  • Tests will run on payment pages for GoCardless Standard users only. If you have built your own payment pages using our API, or are using our Plus & Pro packages, then you will not be affected.

  • If for some reason a customer is unable to use the payment pages we're testing, they will be able to skip the steps and be able to complete the normal mandate set-up flow.

  • We will only be testing improvements that we believe will have a positive impact on your business, and will allow us to continually improve GoCardless for you.

  • Tests will only show for a small percentage of your customer base, for a short period of time.

  • Any future implementation of a secure mandates feature will be optional for all users.

  • We will be updating our blog on a regular basis with details about future individual tests.

If you would like to opt-out from these ongoing tests, then please contact us.

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