Payment Timings Explained

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GoCardless provides an easy way to collect money online via Direct Debit. As we're not using card networks, our payment timings are slightly different.

In short, payments take 7 business days to reach your account, from when the customer pays.

Read on for a more detailed explanation. Note that each number (of days) below should be considered +/- 1 working day due to the nature of the Direct Debit system.

Receiving funds with GoCardless

When a customer initiates a payment through GoCardless, it takes three working days to establish a 'Direct Debit Instruction' (DDI) between us (GoCardless) and the customer's bank. It then takes a further two working days to take the payment.

The DDI only needs to be established once, so subsequent payments only take two working days.

We have a seven working day holding period. This means that we make daily payouts to merchants comprised of all payments initiated seven working days earlier. These payouts can take up to two working days to arrive.

The customers' experience

When a customer pays with GoCardless for the first time, funds will be withdrawn from their bank account approximately five working days after the payment is initiated. Subsequent payments will be withdrawn from their bank account two working days after the payment is initiated.

When can a payment be considered 'confirmed'?

We receive funds from customers' bank accounts either five working days after the payment is initiated (for first-time customers) or two days after the payment is initiated (for returning customers).

When we receive the funds we send a notification to your server called a webhook. Receiving a 'bill paid' webhook is the best moment to consider a payment 'confirmed'.

You can check the status of payments made to you at any time by logging in to your dashboard and clicking the 'Payments' tab. Clicking individual payments displays a pop-up with more detailed information about the payment status and timings.

Once the payment has been initiated there are only very limited circumstances in which the payment will not be completed i.e. the payment is cancelled or their are insufficient funds in the customer's bank account.

Receiving payments through our partners

If you're using one of our partner services then you should be able to check the status of payments from within that service.

For example, in KashFlow you can can check the status of payments by clicking the 'Customers' tab, clicking the relevant customer then looking in the 'Invoices' table. 'Payment status' is the far right column.

If this post hasn't answered your question about payment timings then please don't hesitate to email us and we'll help you out.