The Easiest Way To Be An AUDDIS
Direct Debit Originator

Discover an easier & smarter way to collect Direct Debit payments and be AUDDIS-compliant

Get started in only 2 weeks

There’s no need to go through an extensive approval process or to lodge a bond at your sponsor bank for AUDDIS Direct Debit.

No more software upgrades

GoCardless automatically stays on top of all AUDDIS requirements. Say goodbye to expensive software maintenance contracts.

Fewer compliance requirements

There’s no need to hire a consultant to stay on top of your AUDDIS requirements. Our modern API does all of the hard work for you.

Get started in only 2 weeks

The easy way to access Direct Debit

GoCardless is the easiest way to get access to Direct Debit. We’re a Bacs approved bureau and we can help you to get set up in as little as 2 weeks. With a bank, it can take 6 months or more to be approved for AUDDIS Direct Debit.

Optimised approved process

We’ll help you to get your Direct Debit materials approved by the bank. As part of this optimised approval process, we’ll vet your payment pages and e-mails so they’ll be approved first time.

No capital requirements

We don’t require you to provide a bond and we also won’t hold back any of your funds. With a bank, you’ll need to provide a bond for indemnity claims and go through credit committees.

No more software upgrades

Direct Debit for the Digital Age

With GoCardless, your Direct Debit software lives in the cloud. This means no more expensive software upgrades and maintenance contracts: you’ll always be up-to-date with the latest AUDDIS requirements.

TLS and SHA-2 Compliant

GoCardless is fully compliant with the upcoming TLS and SHA-2 security requirements from Bacs.

Clean, modern API

Our RESTful API is clean, modern and easy-to-use. We’ve made integrating with your systems as painless as possible.

Fewer compliance requirements

AUDDIS made easy

With GoCardless, you’ll never need to deal with another AUDDIS report. We'll automatically handle your Bacs reports for you (including AUDDIS, ADDACS, ARUDD and DDICA messages) to give you actionable information in our dashboard and API.

Improve customer service

GoCardless integrates with billing & CRM systems to provide actionable account information, enabling faster resolution to customer contacts. Reduced manual admin and payment failures with automatic reconciliation of payments against bills.

Modulus checking

GoCardless provides modulus checking at no extra charge. This reduces payment failures and keeps your customers happy.

GoCardless powers online Direct Debit for over 50,000 businesses

Switching to GoCardless has saved us time and money. GoCardless have taken all of the pain out of setting up and managing Direct Debit. Their system is incredibly simple and their expertise is second to none.

GoCardless is one of the best payments companies we've worked with. I'd highly recommend them to any company that cares about a providing good user experience and using the best available technology.

The Guardian
HM Government

Move your existing customers

It’s easy to migrate all of your existing customers over to GoCardless.

Automatic notifications

Get real-time alerts about failed or cancelled payments.

Collect Paperless Direct Debit

Take payments online and over the phone. You can also take paper Direct Debit.

Connected to your business

Integrate with your CRM and billing system. Our modern API makes this as easy and painless as possible.

Transparent pricing

No set up costs, hidden charges or minimum commitments.

Collect in £ and €

Take payments from over 22 countries in a single integration. Take Bacs Direct Debit and SEPA Direct Debit.

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